viernes, 21 de agosto de 2009

Feliz Fin de Semana!!! Have a Great Weekend!!!

Hola hola! pues este fin de semana viene mi mamá a pasarlo conmigo y estoy muy contenta porque vivo fuera de mi familia y me hace muy feliz que esté aquí estos días... vamos a ir de shopping y a platicar mucho mucho. ¿Ustedes tienen a su familia en la misma ciudad?
Que tengan un excelente fin de semana!!!Hello Everyone! I'm very happy because my mom came to visit me this weekend!! It's great because I don't see her much, maybe once a month and I really miss her sometimes... We are shopping a lot and we will sleep late talking and talking. ¿Do you live in the same city as your family?
Have a great great weekend!!!

Algunos links interesantes para el fin de semana: Some interesting links for the weekend:

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Leia dijo...

I hate being away from my family! I don't live with them during university time, but I talk to my mother every single day, even if it's only for a few minutes. And I go back home every 3 months. Sometimes they visit me, too. I am really lucky to have spent all summer - 3 or 4 months! - with them :)

Omar Franco Pérez dijo...


Si, mi familia anda en la misma ciudad que yo. Aunque no los veo seguido, en realidad. ¡Pero mañana veré a mis padres!

Yo alguna vez posteé un programa para hacer efecto Polaroid en mi blog. Lo que me recuerda que debo llevar a reparar mi Polaroid One Step.

Un saludo!

Sherin dijo...

I live at home, but spend so much time out of the house that I don't get the chance to chill with the restof the family that much. Sometimes a small shopping trip with my mum is a perfect break.

Have a great weekend!

Turquoise Diaries dijo...

You are always finding the prettiest pictures and thanks for introducing me on your fabulous blog..

Ana Trigo dijo...

Pues que pases un finde estupendo y disfrutes mucho de tu madre. Y... ¡Buenas compras :)! Por cierto, los links que has puesto tienen una pinta estupenda, ahora mismo me paso a echarles un vistazo. Un besazo, guapa!

Cafe Fashionista dijo...

The same city? I live under the same roof as my family. Something that is both good and bad. :)

Gorgeous pictures. Have a lovely weekend! :)

Simes. dijo...

Loved the photos!
Nice blog! Check out ours whenever you want! We invite you to follow it.

Elaine dijo...

Hey Ana! Thanks again for featuring me :D. I hope you have a great time with your mom. My parents just left to go back to PHiladelphia. We dont' live in the same city... :( But we try to visit often. You're so lucky you can see your mom a lot!

jessicaleighlalou dijo...

It's hard not living in the same city as your family. I'm glad you got to see them! Have a great weekend! :)

un gran vestidor dijo...

Que bien sienta estar con las madres y poder hablar y hablar con ellas y salir de shopping, porque ellas son más sinceras que nadie.
Que disfrutes del fin de semana!


También vivo lejos de mi mamá, pero siempre voy a su siempre muy divertido :))))


Kristin dijo...

After college I moved away from my family for several years and it was tough. I missed my mom and my sis a lot! But now that I've had my first bambino I'm back at home. They live less than five minutes away. It rocks!

Emma Thorn dijo...

Pásalo muy bien!!!

Adela dijo...

these pictures are so gorgeoues!

ana dijo...

Leia: I was the same as you when I was in my University years... but now I'm married and working... I miss those three months of summer very much!

Omar: Voy a buscar ese post tuyo! gracias por pasar

Sherin: I love shopping with my mom... you're right is so relaxing!

Turquoise Diaries: You welcome! you have a great blog I always enjoy reading :)

Ana Trigo: Gracias por pasar!!! sii estan muy interesantes

Cafe Fashonista: I know I live with my parents till I was 18th! and then I lived by myself and now I'm married...

Simes: Of course I will!! thank you very much for the visit and the comment

Elaine: Well they don't live too far you are right... maybe 2 hours by car but still I miss them! You welcome! you have a lovely blog

Jessicaleighlalou: Thanks for your comment! Yes it's a little bit hard sometimes but when I see them I enjoy every moment...

Un gran vestidor: En eso tienes mucha razón!!! gracias por pasar

Kirafashion: Que bien que la visites!! Thanks for the comment

Kristin: Oh that's great!! Thanks for the visit and the comment :)

Emma Thorn: Gracias!

Adela: Thank you very much!!!


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